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The Childcare Department at Spring Baptist Church is set up to support the various ministry activities offered.  It is our mission to provide a safe, loving, fun environment for your child/children ages birth through sixth grade. We strive to go beyond just babysitting when we have an event, as we always want to be teaching your child about the love of God. It is our desire that your child get excited about church.

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Registration has begun for our next Parents' Night Out on Friday - April 29th, 2016 from 6-10pm for ages birth through 6th grade.

Bring your child(ren) for a fun filled night of crafts and games while you enjoy some shopping, dinner, or just some quiet time away from the kids.     

  ****Please bring your child(ren) dinner to eat in their assigned class.

          they will receive a snack and drink during the night, but please

          know a meal is not included.


      Please follow the links below to register your family.  One child is $20, two children are $35 and a family with three or more children is $45. ** Registration fees are based per single family unit, If you would like to sponsor a child(ren)or bring a friend you may do so with additional registration.

The deadline for all registration will be Thursday  - April 28th, 2016. Please email Melanie Attaway at if you should have any questions.

Register one child 

Register two children

Register entire family