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Current Sermon Series


          June 26, 2016 Sermon #1 “God is With Us Wherever We Are”

          Text: Genesis 28:10-22

          Synopsis: Life presents many challenging moments. How we handle them is important to God and an opportunity for us.


          July 17, 2016 Sermon #2 “Jumping From the Frying Pan into the Fire”

          Text: Daniel 3:1-30

          Synopsis: How we handle conflict will make all the difference in the world!


          July 24, 2016 Sermon #3 “He is With Me When I Share My Faith” 

          Text: Matthew 28:16-20 

          Synopsis: Sharing your faith is a scary thing to most Christians. However, in order to please The Lord and to grow spiritually we MUST! And, God is with us when we do! 


         July 31, 2016 Sermon #4 “God is With Me in Every Battle”

         Text: Judges 6:11-8:21 

         Synopsis: A Christian never faces a single battle alone. God is always by our side – He never leaves us nor forsakes us.


          August 7, 2016 Sermon #5 “God is With Me in the Face of Death”

          Text: Psalm 23:1-6

          Synopsis: Believers often fear death even though they believe in God and know they will go to Heaven. God’s Word assures us that death is not something to fear.


          August 14, 2016 Sermon #6 “God is With Me Even When I Am Opposed”

          Text: Acts 17:32 – 18:17; I Corinthians 2:3

          Synopsis: No one in their right mind seeks opposition! But, one of the facts of life is this – we will face opposition! So, where is God when this occurs?