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Current Sermon Series


COURAGE – Having the Courage to Follow God
Begins September 14

(1) September 14: It Takes Courage to Take A Stand – I Kings 17:1-16; Deuteronomy 11:16-17 and 26-28
Are you willing to take a stand for God even if you are the ONLY one? God rewards those who stand to honor Him!

(2) September 21: It Takes Courage to Persevere – Daniel 6:1-28
Sometimes doing the right thing seems impossible! We get beaten down by this old world, and we feel like 'throwing in the towel.' But God says if we will 'press on,' He will sustain us and give us victory!

(3) September 28: It Takes Courage to Step Out – Matthew 14:22-36
The secret to venturing out is keeping our eyes on Jesus! There may be waves crashing in all around us, but if we focus on the Lord, we will make it to our destination.

(4) October 5: It Takes Courage to Obey God – Genesis 12:1-9; Hebrews 11:8-19
God has called every Believer to follow Him. Obedience is the key to successful Christian living. It's not always easy to obey God, because He often takes us out of our comfort zone.

(5) October 12: It Takes Courage to Suffer for the Lord – Hebrews 11:23-29
Choosing to follow God can often lead to suffering. Yet in order to grow as Believers, we will be confronted with times of suffering. It's never easy. It's always unpleasant. But God teaches us so much about how to lean on Him when we are in the eye of the suffering storm.

(6) October 19: It Takes Courage to Share Your Faith – Acts 26:1-31
It takes courage to witness for Christ. You may be made fun of, laughed at, and even mocked. However, some will listen, and some will receive the Word. It's worth the risk!

(7) October 26: It Takes Courage to Run – Genesis 39:1-23
God's Word instructs us to stay pure sexually. In our world, that is not always an easy thing to do! However, even if we have failed in the area of sexual purity, God will still forgive us and teach us how to flee sexual temptation.