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Current Sermon Series


Current Sermon Series by Dr. Mark Estep

June 1, 2014               Sermon #2 “Set Free from Fear”

            Text:    I Samuel 21:10-22:2

Synopsis:        When fear captivates our hearts we must remember that God is in control of ALL things!

June 8, 2014               Sermon #3 “Set Free from Irresponsibility”

Text:    Jonah 1:1-4; 11 & Luke 19:41

Synopsis:        The Great Commission was meant for ALL Believers. God has called YOU to do something for Him – be responsible is discovering His will and following through with obedience!


June 15, 2014             FATHER’S DAY!


June 22, 2014             Sermon #4 “Set Free from Opposition”

Text:    Acts 9:1-31

Synopsis:        God is always with us when we face opposition and He has promised to walk with us when we are facing it. So, be encouraged and don’t give up!


June 29, 2014             INDEPENDENCE DAY!


July 6, 2014                 GUEST SPEAKER – The Reverend Kieran Banks from England


July 13, 2014               Sermon #5 “Set Free from the Power of Sin”

Text:    Exodus 37-10; 12:31-51

Synopsis:        Sin is a powerful thing and we can often feel helpless to overcome it. But, God has provided a way of escape!


July 20, 2014               Sermon #6 “Set Free from the Grip of Anger”

Text:    Matthew 5:22; Proverbs 19:19; 22:24-25; Ephesians 4:26; Jonah 4:1-2; James 1:19-22

Synopsis:        Anger destroys relationships and reputations. If we turn this damaging emotion over to God He will be faithful to help us overcome it.


July 27, 2014               Sermon #7 “Set Free from Depression

Text:    I Kings 19:1-21

Synopsis:        The Bible tells us there is a road that leads us OUT of depression. However, you MUST travel that road with God to find your way home.


August 3, 2014                       Sermon #8 “Set Free from God’s Wrath”

Text:    Revelation 4:1-11; Romans 2:5-6; 5:9; Ephesians 2:1-10; I Thessalonians 1:10; 5:9

Synopsis:        We will ALL face the wrath of God UNLESS we follow His plan to avoid it!


August 10, 2014                     Sermon #9 “Set Free from Temptation” 

 Text:    James 1:12-15; I Corinthians 10:13

Synopsis:        We are ALL tempted at times! However, God has promised us a way of escape from temptation if we are willing to follow His direction.