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Promotion Sunday

Promotion Sunday
August 25

We hope everyone will soon be back from vacation and ready for the new school year. As you return from summer fun and begin to make those preparations for the fall, mark your calendars for Promotion Sunday on August 25. Make sure children from nursery through high school are here for Sunday School that day as these ages "promote" to the next age or grade level. It's always an exciting day when you get to go to new classes with all your friends and meet the new teachers.

While adult classes don't "promote," it is always a good day to "promote" high attendance! We hope to see you all present in Sunday School on that day!

If you've never taken the plunge to join an adult Sunday School class, let Promotion Sunday 2013 be the day that you do. Here are some of the classes from which you can choose. You will be welcomed with warmth and friendliness in any of them.