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Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology Class to Be Offered at Klein Campus

Sys·tem·at·ic The·ol·o·gy (sis-tuh-mat-ik thee-ol-uh-jee) – Any study that answers the question, “What does the whole Bible teach us today?” about any given topic.

Starting September 7 at 6:00 p.m., Pastor Darrell will lead a 34-week class on systematic theology.  He will examine what the entire Bible has to say about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, man, the Bible, redemption, end times, and other topics.

The class will be academic in nature and will require weekly reading.  Although participants are welcome to attend as few or as many of the sessions as they choose, they will benefit the most by attending all sessions and by purchasing the book, “Bible Doctrine” by Wayne Grudem (ISBN 978-0-310-22233-0), as this will be the textbook used in the course.  The book is can be found on and is approximately $22.

Questions?  Contact Pastor Darrell at