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Worship Ministry Audition Instructions
Thank you for taking the time to look into becoming a part of the Worship ministry at Spring Baptist Church. We have tried to make the process as quick and simple as possible while getting all of the information we need to determine eta next step for you in this journey.


Auditions are necessary for the following roles: Modern Band & Singers, Soloists, Praise Team & Band for the Blended Service, Klein Campus Band & Singers as well as the Student Band & Singers. We have great open non auditioned singing groups that everyone is welcome to join without an audition. These are the Blended Service Choir, Singing Hearts Classics Choir, Student Worship Choir & Childrens Worship. Please email for times & information about these open groups. 

Please take the time to read the instructions carefully.

Step 1 - Watch the introduction video
Step 2 - Type & Upload your personal testimony of salvation to THIS FOLDER When, Where, Why, and How You are Different Now Please put your name, phone number & email address at the top.
Step 3 - Choose the correct song from the available tracks based on your voice type (High Medium, Low & or Harmony Singer) or instrument. CLICK HERE You can also use a song of your choice that is no longer than 3 minutes long.
Step 4 - Practice, Practice, Practice!
Step 5 - Record yourself, saying your full name on the recording before the song starts. Please use a stand for any phone or tablet self recordings. Play the track and record yourself with your voice/instrument and track being heard strongly.
Step 6 - Name your video file with your name, example:
Step 7 - Upload your video CLICK HERE
Step 8 - Please email with your name in the subject line and let us know you have finished the process.

Congratulations! You Have Finished the Audition. You will receive one of three follow-up emails:
1. We currently don't have a place that fits you and your gifts/abilities.
2. We would love for you to work on a few things and Re-Audition in 6 months. Here are some tools to help you grow in your gifting.
3. We would like to set up a face-to-face interview to see how you can plug into the Worship ministry more deeply.

Thank you for seeking to use the talents, gifts and abilities God has given you. We look forward to seeing how God uses you to serve at Spring Baptist Church!