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Registration Open Mission Trip

Dates of trip: July 19-28 2023 | Cost: $390

Dates for Registration: April 17th – May 21st

The registration form and $100 deposit are due by May 21st. Total Payment due – July 2nd Expectations: Each student will be expected to complete the following items as part of the requirements to go on our student worship Mission Trip. Attend Student Worship Choir Part of a student worship Mission Trip is Worship! We will be learning our music for the Mission Trip on Sunday Nights! Attend Mission Trip Meetings These meetings are a necessity for our Mission Trip. It is in these meetings where we will be learning what to expect, what the culture looks like, what the church dynamic is, what the heart of missions is, and what it means to share the gospel. We will also give your students practical ways to prepare for gospel conversations and service projects. Memorize Assigned Scripture Write out your Testimony. Your testimony is composed of three elements. 1.) What was your life like before you met Christ? 2.) How did you meet Christ? 3.) How has your life been different since you met Christ? The goal is to rewrite your testimony to reflect on what God is doing in your life and gain a fresh perspective on your salvation experience. Every testimony is powerful because the God of the universe brought someone from death to life. Sing! On the trip! In Rehearsal! In church! (Senior Sunday May 21st)