Join us Sundays at 9 AM & 10:30 AM

What is DNOW?
DNOW Weekend stands for Disciple Now Weekend. The whole goal of DNOW is that students would learn how to follow Jesus daily as His disciple. This is accomplished through Bible studies, worship services, and being in fellowship with other believers all weekend long.

What is the theme?
Rekindled. Paul reminds us to REKINDLE the gift of God within us. Another translation tells us to Fan into Flame the gift of God! Without intentional care and effort a fire goes out. Even though we will never lose the Holy Spirit, our relationship with Jesus requires intentional care and effort on our part to fan into flame the gift God has given us. Our goal is that students would leave DNOW closer to Jesus and more passionate about Him then when they came.

When is DNOW?
February 16 – 18. DNOW begins Friday Night at 6:00 PM and ends Sunday at 11:30 AM after church.
If at some point during the weekend your student needs to be gone for a period of time, please fill out a Time Away Card.

How much does it cost?
$100. However, please reach out to Drew Bowsher, Cameron Wiederhold, Jason Chrstian if the price is too high. Our church loves our students, and we will make sure any student that has a desire to go to DNOW will be able to attend.

Where does DNOW take place?
DNOW takes place in two primary places. The first, is at the church in the student ministry building. The second, is at Host Homes. Host Homes are church members, who have been background checked and ministry safe approved. If you have questions about who’s house your student will be at, please use the contact information below. The third location will be inside the car. We will be transporting students back and forth from church as well as during our scavenger hunt and food drive. All drivers will be 21 and older as well as ministry safe approved and background checked.

What will my student be eating?
Each student will be bringing a snack and a 2 – liter to share for snacks. We will also have a cooking coordinator assigned to each host home who will be bringing a hot meal to each home for breakfast and lunch on Saturday. We also will be having pizza on Saturday night and donuts on Sunday morning.
If your student has allergies, please let us know on your registration form and we will make sure each cooking coordinator and group leader knows for your student’s safety.

Who will be with my student?
Each group will be with their Host Home, group leader(s), and students of the same gender and same grade. During large group worship and scavenger hunt, everyone will be together.
Some groups may have two grades that are adjacent to each other. Group leaders lead the weekend for their group including, games, Bible Study, and food drive. All Group Leaders have been background checked and ministry safe approved. They have also gone through extensive training in preparation for the weekend.


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